Day 89 – wow

So busy running around packing, trying to do P90X stretch, which ended up in Yoga, eat raw at tomoatoes, and realize that I have to break my raw eating so i can eat with friends right before I leave.

More so i can eat at my favorite restaurants before I leave.

Should I cut it one day earlier?


Day 88 – come fly with me

come fly and fly away…

I am about to fly, and I am flying in Tucson right now, flying with my friends, my family. Flying into a different dimension, a dimension of possibilities. Face your fears, they will disappear, just trust your soul and follow your heart.

My heart had sushi today, but with some rice, as I slowly get use to the cooked domain again.

two more days…yey…though I will continue to eat 80-20. Raw food has given me energy, insight, joy and freedom of mind. Knowing I can rise above and follow a program.

P90X is a self supporting, spirit boosting, physical body changing, life emancipating experience.

Anything you choose to do for 90 days and then follow through will change everything about your life that you know of right now. The more challenging the better.

Try it, at least with P90X you get to kcik, jump, scream and laugh. so start there. Because that is what my blog is about.

And Sneak some recipes from here, remember 80-20, you can do it, your body needs it, so needs it, more greens and grains.

Day 87 – count back

I went through all my blogs, and lo and behold, there was a missing link…

It is the effort that makes the journey successful. Today I worked it out in Core Synegetics, and for my wife’s b-day, we went out to lunch for some raw fish, at RA, our staple sushi restaurant. My friend Ben, a video-grapher is in town visiting, so that was a wonderful addition to the party.

The party continues down in Tucson where we head out the door as I write.

Just a few more days of X glory and raw styling, though I am sorry, with me leaving, with the chef way too busy, recipes and pictures have been scarce, but an e-book will be available shortly.

Day 86 – friends

Love my friends. Especially the ones I hardly see, because they show up at the most interesting times in my life, for a quick visit.

And thus came Ben to our home yesterday, and between my last yoga class at Second Heart yoga, the post pot luck celebration, and the running around all day, I never did my P90X. Or so I thought. Forgetting that I start my recovery week today, and the X of the day is Yoga. Gotta love ashtanga.

This last week is starting off with a break day, which has to be somewhat OK, after 86 days, skipping a program is fine. It’s like getting a 99 on an exam. Since I will be on the road starting Saturday afternoon, I doubt I will make this program back up, but at least I finished my ashtanga, and that is its own daily workout.

Even eating found some challenges, and I will be facing these challenges all week, as this is my last week in AZ and I am moving cross country, and all my friends would like to hang out, eat some food, we are an eating culture after all. Eventually we will even eat ourselves.

And that is why I am a Health and Nutrition Coach, to help YOU achieve your life and wellness goal. And that is possible!

Day 85 – count?

Now I know I have the right count, after all I check my posts every day, just to make sure I am on track, and here, as the week begins a fresh, I am looking at 6 more days of P90X. Interesting, no?

I don’t mind, but I am perplexed, as even my sheets make it that I am flowing, playing working all the way through to Saturday, making it a 91 day program.

And I leave to go to Evansville, IN teaching yoga and Thai Massage at the Evansville Yoga Center. If you are around, you should come and visit.

You might see me on the road across the country, practicing in the morning. Pictures of Yoga throughout the US will be posted as I choose the next 90 day challenge (which might be 90 day challenge to finish my Thai book while completing the foundation for my health and nutritional coaching and counseling business.

Raw food is now a lifestyle, though chances are I will fall back to 80-20, 80% raw, 30% cooked or any other kind.

Today I felt really light, though if you read through my posts you will see that the body is interesting, some days you feel lighter than others. As the buddha teaches – just accept the moment, as you give all you can to the moment.

I give you my feats of Raw for the day….juice fasting. It was so busy, I had to rely on green smoothie.

Tomorrow….not sure….we will wait and see.

Day 84 – party time

How do you have a Raw party? You have a beautiful house setting, and incredible chef and helpers, some wine, beer, water and orange pelligrino, and you have the setting for an amazing evening.

And amazing evening it was. No one knew how many would come, and in the end we sat 13 people at an incredible wooden dinning room table, with fresh pear and greens salad, with strawberry vinaigrette, raw lasagna, one of my favorites, raw chocolate mouse with goji, and a slice of banana cream pie, it was a feast to behold.

There is something about gourmet raw food that sets it apart from all other eating experiences. Hopefully some of the dinner guests will jump here and pot their pictures. My son decided my phone which was my camera should experience the force of gravity, so no pictures of the dinner on my side.

I came home and completed my KenpoX, one of the benefits of raw diet.

A fun day off tomorrow sharing insights with Sumit yoga teachers.

Join the heat everyone.

Day 83 – legs…legs

Legs and back on the X factor meant that moving all my stuff down stairs was hell. Maybe it was the extra weight that I decided to play with. Must have been. One more week, I am going for gold everyone, My apartment is an erupted mess, organized mess thanks to my wife and my attempts at creating an order. Juggling this workout, yoga, clients, teaching, and writing my new Thai Yoga web book are keeping me dancing on my toes. All while playing and enjoying the liveliness of my 17 month old baby boy.

My wife says it is the raw food. I will go till 1am, get up at 6am and begin my day, There is no other way fitting it all. She thinks it is the raw food that is giving me all the energy to keep going. All that cacao, super food, and greens, number one lacking food in American nutrition today.

Where ever it is coming from, I am grateful.  KenpoX tomorrow, before we rest for the Sunday while sharing hot yoga insights at Sumits Yoga Scottsdale. If you live in AZ, you should make the 10am class, it will be an experience like no other.

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