Day 81 – anyone out there?

Any Xrs? out there?

I need some back up support, boy do I need it.

10 days to go and with so much inspiration flowing through my veins and so much insight about how to share my knowledge and gifts, I am suddenly in high demand for those gifts, finding me with clients all day.

The extra emotional toll, along with moving in 9 days, are proving to be a challenge on the body, so even though I am eating raw and more or less completing P90X along with ashtanga Yoga, I am actually almost back to the same starting weight, maybe more muscle, but I am bigger in the upper body.

Final numbers will be written down at the end, but it does not make for a motivating session when you feel your body is in the same place as when you started. Having a goal of loosing 10lbs, now that I have seen myself drop 10 and gain 10 all in the same program, I am grateful I like being healthy rather than just skinny. I feel great, obviously tons of energy to go from morning to evening and keep going like the energizer bunny.

I will crash soon, but I move next week, and that is like going on vacation.

I might be coming to a town by you, Raw food, Thai Massage, Yoga and P90X from an expert. Would love to share my work. Simply send me a note. Or go to my web site and see my tour dates.

Raw food? What did I have today….oh yeah, a salad….nothing exciting.

I do hope for some exciting pow wow finish dishes for you all. We’ll see, I am only the messenger and I wonder if the chef is having similar plateau moments and that is the slow down on recipes?


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