Day 85 – count?

Now I know I have the right count, after all I check my posts every day, just to make sure I am on track, and here, as the week begins a fresh, I am looking at 6 more days of P90X. Interesting, no?

I don’t mind, but I am perplexed, as even my sheets make it that I am flowing, playing working all the way through to Saturday, making it a 91 day program.

And I leave to go to Evansville, IN teaching yoga and Thai Massage at the Evansville Yoga Center. If you are around, you should come and visit.

You might see me on the road across the country, practicing in the morning. Pictures of Yoga throughout the US will be posted as I choose the next 90 day challenge (which might be 90 day challenge to finish my Thai book while completing the foundation for my health and nutritional coaching and counseling business.

Raw food is now a lifestyle, though chances are I will fall back to 80-20, 80% raw, 30% cooked or any other kind.

Today I felt really light, though if you read through my posts you will see that the body is interesting, some days you feel lighter than others. As the buddha teaches – just accept the moment, as you give all you can to the moment.

I give you my feats of Raw for the day….juice fasting. It was so busy, I had to rely on green smoothie.

Tomorrow….not sure….we will wait and see.


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