Day 83 – legs…legs

Legs and back on the X factor meant that moving all my stuff down stairs was hell. Maybe it was the extra weight that I decided to play with. Must have been. One more week, I am going for gold everyone, My apartment is an erupted mess, organized mess thanks to my wife and my attempts at creating an order. Juggling this workout, yoga, clients, teaching, and writing my new Thai Yoga web book are keeping me dancing on my toes. All while playing and enjoying the liveliness of my 17 month old baby boy.

My wife says it is the raw food. I will go till 1am, get up at 6am and begin my day, There is no other way fitting it all. She thinks it is the raw food that is giving me all the energy to keep going. All that cacao, super food, and greens, number one lacking food in American nutrition today.

Where ever it is coming from, I am grateful.  KenpoX tomorrow, before we rest for the Sunday while sharing hot yoga insights at Sumits Yoga Scottsdale. If you live in AZ, you should make the 10am class, it will be an experience like no other.


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