Day 86 – friends

Love my friends. Especially the ones I hardly see, because they show up at the most interesting times in my life, for a quick visit.

And thus came Ben to our home yesterday, and between my last yoga class at Second Heart yoga, the post pot luck celebration, and the running around all day, I never did my P90X. Or so I thought. Forgetting that I start my recovery week today, and the X of the day is Yoga. Gotta love ashtanga.

This last week is starting off with a break day, which has to be somewhat OK, after 86 days, skipping a program is fine. It’s like getting a 99 on an exam. Since I will be on the road starting Saturday afternoon, I doubt I will make this program back up, but at least I finished my ashtanga, and that is its own daily workout.

Even eating found some challenges, and I will be facing these challenges all week, as this is my last week in AZ and I am moving cross country, and all my friends would like to hang out, eat some food, we are an eating culture after all. Eventually we will even eat ourselves.

And that is why I am a Health and Nutrition Coach, to help YOU achieve your life and wellness goal. And that is possible!


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