Day 88 – come fly with me

come fly and fly away…

I am about to fly, and I am flying in Tucson right now, flying with my friends, my family. Flying into a different dimension, a dimension of possibilities. Face your fears, they will disappear, just trust your soul and follow your heart.

My heart had sushi today, but with some rice, as I slowly get use to the cooked domain again.

two more days…yey…though I will continue to eat 80-20. Raw food has given me energy, insight, joy and freedom of mind. Knowing I can rise above and follow a program.

P90X is a self supporting, spirit boosting, physical body changing, life emancipating experience.

Anything you choose to do for 90 days and then follow through will change everything about your life that you know of right now. The more challenging the better.

Try it, at least with P90X you get to kcik, jump, scream and laugh. so start there. Because that is what my blog is about.

And Sneak some recipes from here, remember 80-20, you can do it, your body needs it, so needs it, more greens and grains.


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