A friend of mine recently called me with a question. She had gone through some big life changes and was doing her best to move forward, but for many months had been struggling with depression. She told me she was practicing yoga every day, often up to three hours a day, but still wasn’t able to rise above her shadow. She wondered why her yoga practice wasn’t lifting her out of her sadness and why after practicing she would still feel empty inside, with tears often flowing by the time she reached end savasana. She was frustrated because she thought yoga was supposed to bring her joy and a sense of peace.

We talked about expaectations.

I reminded her that yoga itself won’t solve your problems. Practicing is important but it is not “THE ANSWER ” to all of life’s challenges. Yoga keeps us healthy and strong on many levels, but this is only one part of the equation. We must also nurture other aspects of our lives: relationships, career, exercise, and spirituality. Balance between these four pillars must be achieved if we are to recognize our highest potential. (For more information about these pillars, you can visit my website at www.whyconferences.com)

Yoga is like brushing your teeth… you do it every day to keep your bones healthy and your mind clearer. It brings you back in touch with your own core being, which can mean emotions rising to the surface that are not always pleasant to face, but it’s all part of the cleansing process. As we ‘brush’ our yoga teeth, we begin to clean out the junk that we consciously and unconsciously carry around in body, mind, and spirit.