Day 58 – hop, skip, jump

When you combine all three together you leap over any hurdle that comes your way. Not always easy, and you might even fall into the hole, but remember, if you fall, you simply have to get back up and try again. That is really the hard part. To get up and do it again.

At least with PlyoX the risk of falling into a hole is tiny, yet the mental or threshold hole might hit you often. Relax wit hit, remember the above words, you only have to try and get back up. Just try and everything is possible. You will surprise yourself.



Day 57 – passover

It is much easier being secular in Israel and yet feel utterly Jewish. On every holiday you can feel the spirit in the air, schools are closed, work is shortened or off, public offices are closed, like in every other country around their chosen religious expression. The schools in the US observe all 3 major western religion holidays as best they can, but public domain does not. Not really. Not a political thing, just a fact thing. The post office is closed for Easter but not Passover. I even love rabbits, they run around the dessert especially in the spring.

Spring celebration brings us to our physical manifestation, the P90X chest and back. I forgot how challenging this sequence is, so challenging. push up, pulls ups, weights and then do it all over again.


Day 56 – talent

It does take talent to go through each and every day in this world. Don’t take that for granted. In this month of high holidays, the holiday of Passover and the Celebration of Spring through honoring Eostra, with her rabbit and egg as symbols of rebirth and playfulness. Somewhere in time Jesus found himself stapled to the rabbit and the egg, something I doubt he would approve of had he been alive. After all, he celebrated passover in his last meal, and there was no rabbit in that feast, though there was an egg.

We might return to Easter and the relationship between Eostra and Jesus next week, and as passover dinner is not till tomorrow, we will keep it at the talent level. Remember it is a talent just remembering, preparing and celebrating any holiday. So we see if you are inspired to express your talent.

Yoga feeds both body and mind, through keeping the spirit happy. Or so I must believe on days like today, with Yin Yoga, Thai Massage and a few hours with my son. I did get some Whole Foods salad bar around 6pm, but till that point all I had was water.

With a day off P90X, and rather than post another picture of my buckwheat cereal as evening snack, I wish you a talented evening and a great start to my favorite holiday.

Day 55 – tough

Wake up, complete review for my training, introduce my son to his new baby sitter, something which is rather new. He has only had one afternoon with a baby sitter, though seems like he had a fabulous time without his parents around. My wife was teaching a raw dessert course, and I was teaching a yin training. Both of us sharing our gifts with the world.

It was an amazing group today, with an interesting view point as to the yogic development of the West compared to the East. Where the East used Yoga to reach the Spirit, the West uses Yoga to reach a youthful body. Both the East and the West become obsessed with the one thus both are still out of balance. As Osho points out, there has yet to evolve the superman generation.

Raw lunch consisted of a salad at the Mediterranean deli by the studio, with some lemon recovery drink at the end of the Core Synergetics work out. I think I’ll some Raw pasta now, put a picture on here a little later.

Day 54 – yin yoga

If we define balance as the point in the center, the one consciousness, the one energy, the one word, the one God, then balance is not therapy, though therapy might happen when we are balanced. Balance is spirituality. Balance is artistic revelation. Where balance is the center point that can not be described, that can be written about in metaphors, in poems, in plays, in scriptures. Balance implies that there are two things. Sun – Moon. Yin – Yang. Two things, that really describe the one thing.

And thus I shared the opening of this Yin Yoga training. We will see where it will take us, as sharing and illuminating the subtleties of practice are always interesting explorations. For this evening, with Yoga acting as the X factor for the day, and whole foods providing the raw ingredients for the belly, I did manage to be inspired in the morning with some delicious buckwheat cereal composites that were made during the night before.

Enjoy the picture –

Day 53 – break away

“take out the cup cakes” says the man on the screen, as I am jumping, kicking, and punching. At least I made it. Talk about motivation, or perhaps addiction? Probably both, one fuels the other, regardless of what is at the end of the stick. None the less, a challenge, is a challenge, and writing and P90X while Raw styling it means that I had to complete my session.

Too bad for the Raw fish, hot sake, a bubbling beer that went into my belly. Once a week, to break away for a moment, is fresh, imperative, demanded even. Its when we break away on every day, well at that point we are back to where we started tonight. In addiction. Pursuing something everyday. Hey, lets be honest, even life itself is addicting. After all none of us really wants the other dimension, at least not yet. So get addicted on what will get you through, make you smile, make you feel good.

Exercise, eat well, “take care of your body and it will take care of you!” to quote from the man on the screen yet again. So Kenpo was fun. Tough in my state, in this late time of day, but now, I can shower and shifts gears.

I ate some Raw pancakes for brunch, which blow me away every time, why would I need to go back to cooked food now? Raw fish and Edamame. I will not venture into the land of raw meat though. Yet as I write, a voice says, never say never, carpaccio is ever so nice. Who knows. If I do, I will be sure to post a picture. Come to think of it, I should post a picture of my happy hour adventure. If only I had taken some pictures.

The weekend of Passover is upon us, while it is my favorite holiday, my prayers are also with dear, close friends and family who are either alone, in physical pain, or ready to take that final break away. Its only a break away though. A universal part returns to itself, while an individual part flowers in the hearts of so many family members, friends along the way, co workers, social group members, fellow shoppers, and city folks. Lead with the heart and the strength in God, as the Moses found in leading the Israelites out of Egypt and to Canaan. That is the true power of Love. The power of God.

Day 52 – eat your heart out

Because you can. When you eat Raw and work out with Tony Horton, you can east more than you think you can. Maybe I am writing this because my day was so long, and I ate so little. You might think this crazy, but I was so busy, that I forgot to take any snacks with me, even my water bottle disappeared from the back seat. At days like today I think to myself, Raw Chocolate Macaroons should be sold in Circle K, like Ferrero Roche Chocolate. I keep telling the chef that her macaroons are not only good, they are better. The issue is packaging and preparation. But isn’t that the issue with any company? Any production line? Not forgetting branding, marketing, and promoting, the BMPs. One day I will find the investor, or come up with the cash or credit myself, and then watch out world. Raw Delicacies will enter the fast food chains, for the benefit of humanity and the world!

Wouldn’t a “family” be so nice as a back up?

That’s what P90X provides, even my wife, who started last week has now developed the bug, and she feels the “burn” the burning love all around. Due to my long day, Ashtanga acts as stretchX for the day, and Kenpo will be completed tomorrow. With a Yin Yoga weekend, I will be stretching myself all over the place.

I did manage to scarf down a Raw lasagna. Damn this is a good dish. And I don’t even like zucchini, especially not zucchini pasta, when there are so many other vegetables that can be made into raw pasta.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring…

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