Day 84 – party time

How do you have a Raw party? You have a beautiful house setting, and incredible chef and helpers, some wine, beer, water and orange pelligrino, and you have the setting for an amazing evening.

And amazing evening it was. No one knew how many would come, and in the end we sat 13 people at an incredible wooden dinning room table, with fresh pear and greens salad, with strawberry vinaigrette, raw lasagna, one of my favorites, raw chocolate mouse with goji, and a slice of banana cream pie, it was a feast to behold.

There is something about gourmet raw food that sets it apart from all other eating experiences. Hopefully some of the dinner guests will jump here and pot their pictures. My son decided my phone which was my camera should experience the force of gravity, so no pictures of the dinner on my side.

I came home and completed my KenpoX, one of the benefits of raw diet.

A fun day off tomorrow sharing insights with Sumit yoga teachers.

Join the heat everyone.


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