WHY! Yoga Road Trip Day 30

We left NC late in the afternoon, hoping to make it to NYC before the end of Memorial Day. Might as well, right?

We really did not leave till almost 9pm, and after 3 hours of driving we camped somewhere in Maryland.

Morning practice was magnificent outside.


WHY! Yoga Road Trip Day 29

Two days of Thai Massage practice at Blue Lotus Studio, in Raleigh, NC. Traveling at times provides you with opportunities to make lasting connection, and Jill, the owner of the studio is the most amazing and beautiful Yoginis, both in spirit, practice and business application.

If you are reading this and live in NC, I will be coming up to Raleigh once a month to support and share my work through this amazing location.

As I leave NC and held up to NYC, I feel so blessed at what this road trip has provided.

Not that it was not without its tension. The home I had secured many months ago for our family to live in at the beach fell through in the very last minute. Makes you aware that sometimes yoga practitioners really only do yoga for the body, and have no connection to how to open their hearts.

Now I know why in the business world you always sign contracts.

Karma acknowledges that what goes around, will come around. So we are grateful for what could have been been, and trust that with a calm and joyful disposition everything else will work out.

We have a month in the big apple to find the housing situation that will be best for us. Trust and the universe will oblige.

Practice, and all will come.

WHY! Yoga Road Trip Day 28

Thai Massage….I love what my teacher has allowed me to learn.

I am forever grateful to Pichest Boonthume, it is his work that I try and transmit.

I am beyond garteful to my best frined David Johnson, who is the best, the most talented body worker I have ever met, read about or know.

While when I work Thai Massgae and flow with the individual it is Pichest’s awareness of the magic of flow that comes out, the ability to talk about the body, how it functions, how it moves, how the nervous system is affected through touch, all that is Dave.

I am blessed. So are you.

Attitude of gratitude.

Thank you life! Thank you masters! thank you students! thank you clients! thank you network relationships! thank you friends! thank you family!

WHY! Yoga Road Trip Day 27

Time to head to our next destination. Well, after I stop and share my work with individuals in Raleigh.

Blue Lotus Studio is one of the most amazing studios I have even visited in, the level of support, interest and connection that was bestowed on my by the students, owner, and passer byes has no equal. Every studio I have been to has embraced my philosophy, calmness, joyfulness and spirit with open arms and excited comments, but Blue Lotus with its close proximity to Wilmington organized a whole weekend of clients for me to share and meet, and let’s be honest, be able to continue my trip with a little extra funds in the pocket.

If you are ever in the area, or live in Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill region, this is the place you want to practice in.

Off to Raleigh we go.

Oh yeah, the larger vision for the weekend is to make it to NYC. It is memorial day weekend and the official start of summer season at the beach, and as the prices go up, we pack our things and drive away from the crowds.

Wishing you all the best of summer 2010.

WHY! Yoga Road Trip Day 26

I love the ocean. Oh my god, I am an ocean boy.

Might now be able to live by the great vast liquid permanently just yet, but when I am in her arms, when I am gliding across her breathing belly (and the ocean has a breath, it rise and flows, with a heart beat, a beat that inspired ancient yogis to discover the sound “om”), there is a peacefulness, there is a sense of awe at a larger experience, something similar to what happens to you on the first sexual embrace with someone who touches your heart, similar to looking at your child, similar to accomplishing a goal, similar to how you feel at the end of Mysore practice, or completing a deep elongated meditation.

I know the ocean was my first enlightenment experience. Though I refer back to a more surreal experience when I was 19, when I experienced the aspect of the non changing expression that lives us all.

None the less, every time I get on a surfboard, and today I rented two surfboard, with the hope of teaching my wife and son how to catch waves, every time I get on a surf board I realize the unquestionable existence that is life.

While I had the hope of surfing the long board and the short board, my son was not a happy camper when he saw how large the world pool was, compared to the pool he has been swimming at in AZ. He was crying when I put him on the board, crying as I walked him to the ocean, crying as I plopped him into the luke warm ocean waters.

My wife was a trooper, paddling around the white wash and even getting taken for a quick ride with the foaming waters. After 30 minutes she was ready to take my wailing boy back to shore, where he was watching his father go out past the white water and ride a few waves.

It really was not as good as the night before, but then again, that is the classic surfer experience…if only I was here yesterday is something you will hear again and again if you travel in the hunt of waves.

though after 10 months on land, I was excited my arms and legs could pick it up quick…like riding a bicycle. In fact I did not even make it out to the line out when I scoped that an incoming wave is curling and breaking, and I quickly turned my board and took my first ride.

After a long and fun session in the morning sun, we came back to shore, making our way to a greasy local fish restaurant for some hush puppies, fish and fries. Oh how I missed Salt Works!

Of course I went to an afternoon session, but the swell has died down and the wind caused much of it to be white washed.

Sunset could not have had a better taste.

WHY! Yoga Road Trip Day 25

From the vision of Hanuman, to the joy of the ocean.

Today we finally got some surf, I traveled all the way here from Phoenix, AZ because unlike popular opinion Wilmington, NC, is home to some of the best surf in the world.
When it breaks.

I was at a network business card exchange meeting when my wife texted me telling me that she sees clean face waves, with surfers standing and catching a long ride.

You can imagine how I felt, dressed professionally, miles away from the beach.

But I was in a good place, developing relationships and following the principles from my institute. The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

I want to take my work to the next level, helping individual change their lives.

Yoga changes your body, which helps to inspire changes in your life, but nutrition, like relationship can provide the opportunity for individuals to experience who they truly are and discover how to let go of the obstacles that stand in their way to achieve the joy and happiness they know they deserve.

WHY! Yoga Road Trip Day 24

Tim Miller has a favorite sequence of moving from Anjaniasana A to Anjanisana B, and then C, and then into Hanumanasana .
I always thought Anjinisana was ‘lunge pose’ and was just a physical preparation for the body to achieve the pose, but today as I was reading a new book by Krishna Das about the prayer ‘Hunuman Chalisa‘ I realized that Anjani, a beautiful Varana woman, a woman from a race of man-monkey, is Hanuman’s mother.
Thus those opening postures, including all their variations, Parivrita Anjaniasna, A, B, and C, leading into D (hanumanasana) are all ways of honoring the history and birth of Hanuman.
It made my heart cry, my eyes to tear, to have now, after years of practicing that sequence, of always choosing to improvise with such variation, to now, after all this practice to have realized how incredible Tim’s surrender to practice, his love for hanuman, and everything his way of practice, which is the same way of practice and teaching you to share, are so humbled and rich, and if we follow practice, svadhyaya will find us, and connections between the written history and the physical practice will reveal themselves.

It made me also realize why Tim includes Hanumanasana every morning in his practice.

Today, with the appreciation to how much hanuman plays a role in my life, with the stories i share about his youth as Denis the Menace, his powerful leap that represents the leap of faith that we can take, I am amazed at the other aspects that exist in the subtle expression of the practice.

Vinyasa is more than just breathing and putting poses together.

Vinyasa is an artistic weaving of postures based on many gross and subtle connections.

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