Day 27 – traveling time

Can’t beat coming down to Tucson to hang out with my friends.

I did squeeze in my KenpoX, though I am still tired and after a 2 hour drive and low food intake, I only managed 45 minutes of the 60 minute routine.

My diet today consisted of almond, kale and blueberries. Not sure if I would recommend that for everyone, but, at least I kept it Raw. Tomorrow will post a new tale and recipe.


Day 26 – dead tired

Ok, now it’s a pattern. One has to catch patterns in order to truly improve. By Friday’s P90X day, I am toast. I have added breakfast smoothie, lunch and dinner meals, so maybe it is the late night snacking, raw as it might be. But that takes affect only toward the end of the week? I doubt it.
I have 90 days, day 26, I have cravings, so maybe it’s the Raw Diet itself. Maybe. Kind of like that guy from “super size me,” took him a while to see significant changes and since I am not being blood tested, and such, it very well might be that I am cleansing from the inside, and my body catches up to the work load from the outside. Maybe.

Did not change that I was dead through P90X. I love that it is a home program, because I was dogging it. I could barely move, my squats felt like I was a sky scraper stuck between the earth and the heaven. Do you best, forget the rest is the mantra, and today I used it to the max. AbRipperX was out of the question though. I’ll add that one on Sunday to CardioX, I’ll add another X day this week to make up for my weakness today. (I wonder if that is a good idea, right before entering Phase 2. I’ll go with my gut feeling….it’ll be KILLER!).

It was a busy day, and I am finding that I am favoring my Almond Shake (which was the recipe yesterday) in the mornings right now. Yummy. Had a fabulous salad for lunch, and a Raw wrap for dinner, with a side of fettucini raw pasta. That I had to share with you. So many raw pasta dishes out there are made with Zucchini, and I have nothing against Zucchini bread, in fat it is my favorite. But that’s where the love affair between Miss Zucchini and I ends. Nothing against the pasta out there, but this, this is a much better way. It’s even better than that beet pasta, and that is an incredible way to have spaghetti. The yam, however, was truly made for the Raw pasta creations, from gnocchi, to fettucini, from shells (to have the artistic ability to carve shell pasta from yams) to spirals, color and tatse will mesmerize any one you serve this to.


1 Sweet Potato
4 Tbsp olive oil
Generous amt of sea salt

For the Basil Pesto

½ Cup Walnut soaked & dried
2 Cups Basil washed
4 Garlic cloves grated
1/3 Cup olive oil
Dash of lime juice
Pinch of pink Himalayan sea salt or to taste

Step 1. Blend all of your Basil Pesto ingredients until smooth or slightly grainy.

Step 2. Using a peeler, peel away your sweet potato. Then with a knife, cut 2 inches thick strips of fettuccine.
In a medium size bowl, add your fettuccine, 4 tbsp olive oil and sea salt and mix well.
Step 3. mixed well with basil pesto

Day 25 – smooth sailing

Gotta love the YogaX days, well, if you are a Yogi or Yogini, as your Yoga has already been explored. I wonder if that is a cop out though? Honestly, not with Ashtanga, or Bikram if I think about it. I would have went to Bikram had I not been teaching, I think. However, the moon is growing fat, the days are growing longer, and the month of February is drawing to a close, and the sails are still raised, and I find myself praising Raw food more and more, looking forward to teaching others simple ways of incorporating the benefits of Raw foods into your life.

Simple things, like choosing Kale for your base as a salad, or changing your thick salad dressings to olive oil and vinegar, even if it is the raspberry vinaigrette, or consuming less dairy, you can substitute coconut milk for most dairy needs. Check out today’ recipe for an Almond Heaven Smoothie, this almond milk shake provides you with the morning protein your body needs, the soothing effects of the banana will ensure you walk into work with a smile, and the calming ingredients of the vanilla extract will further protect you from any infraction to your Joy.

Remember, you arrived here through joy, you are sustained in this life through joy and eventually you become Joy once again.

So, shake it up and enJoy!

Almond Heaven Smoothie

2 heap Tbsp raw almond butter

2 cup of water

1 banana

3 tbsp agave or more as you like

1/2 vanilla bean/pod

pinch of sea salt

Blend till smooth and creamy!

Day 24 – beats

They come in rhythm, they come in droves, they come with spirited song, and they come with colorful expressions. Whether these are the beats on your drum, on your dash board, on an empty can, using a pencil at the office, a pen when doodling, or a stick to express yourself through. Beats excite you, elevate you, free your soul.

If beats can do all that, what do you think Beets can do? yesterday we talked about Root vegetables, and how much they can enhance your overall excitement of life, love, and work. As if by divine synchronicity my Raw Chef made Beet pasta, mixed with carrots (another root vegetable), and other yummy ingredients. Aren’t you lucky? I know I felt very fortunate.

Hopefully you are beginning to look at food and how it relates to your body, from where it grows (roots in the ground, like our sexual organs rooted below), it’s shape (walnuts look like? they look like your brain. what are they good for? your brain!!), it’s color (red fruits are great for your blood cardiovascular system), and texture (cucumber, feels like the skin, good for the skin). I’ll write more about food and its energetic expression and how easy it is to spot the right one for you over the next few days.

As for the workout today, P90X for shoulders and arms, I used the strap today, after realizing that I made it to Wal Mart last night, but completely forgot that I needed weights. The band is cumbersome, but better than not using anything at all, right?
It made for a better workout, however, as with every other video this week, I am stoked to have it mixed up around next week.

Tony Horton is a great motivator and fitness guy, but repetition is repetition and listening to the same thing over and over gets boring. Granted it took a month for it to get a little redundant (granted the workouts are tough and I doubt they can ever get redundant), it will be fun to have a new mix next week. Muscle confusion everyone, that is the main premise behind P90X. And a rather good one.

I’m kind of surprised that I can do the same Yoga sequence practice every day and never tire of it, and yet, I get tired of all other repetition style activities. Maybe because with my Ashtanga practice I don’t have to listen to any one, and everything else I am at the mercy of the speaker.

What ever it is, the food is unique, and Raw eating has yet to become redundant. Won’t say I don’t miss cooked food, I had to eat some of my son’s pasta shell kids side, and those 3 bites (my wife said it was a good kind of cheating since we did not want to waste his food) reminded me of the magic of cooking, yet  I will say this. It did not feel as soft or light in my body as not taking those bites. I quit eating meat because I realized the same type of sensation. Without meat in the meal the body feels lighter, yet stronger, more energetic and not so lethargic. Today I experienced the same thing with Pasta. Now it could just be the heaviness of pasta, rather than the loss of energy through cooking. As it stands, that was my personal experience and I wanted to share it with all of you.

Beets Arrabiatta Pasta

2 Beets (spiral into pasta)
1 carrot (Grated)
brunch of parsley (finely chopped)
1/2 red pepper (diced)
1/4 cup olive
1 roma tomato
1 red pepper
1/2 tsp cayenne pepper, chili powder
juice of 1 lemon
1/4 cup olive oil
1/4 Sea salt
Blend above ingredient till smooth, then add
1/4 cup soaked sundried tomato
Blend till smooth and drizzle over pasta.

Day 23 – roots

When was the last time your nutritionist talked to you about roots? Those vegetables that are growing inside the earth, the organs that contain the seeds of life. The burdock root, a long, string like root, with its snake like quality it’s phallic symbol might escape us. However, take the radish, a small, pink hue dot of a pod, shielded with a large array of green leaves. It is surprising that not more men seek out the pink radish, they might find more success in discovering its sensual expression in their partner. Yes it is true, as their sexual intonation suggests, root vegetables are incredible for your libido, your sexual thrive. The radish, along with the Daikon radish, a thick, baby arm length radish, can be used to burn of fat from unwanted areas. With practically zero calories, they work to burn off fat cells from our system. Last on the value of your roots, is the transition between the burdock, the Daicon radish, and the ginseng root, with the latter being the most packed with vigor.

And since you are adding more roots, plyometrics will get your joints all lubricated. That’s what P90X was today, the hop, jump and turn work out. Somehow this is the one work out that seems to get harder with every week. I can’t explain it, and maybe I need to look at the nutrients I am getting the night before or before the workout, but it is challenging to get those knees up in the very first jump squat routine. It’s only 30 seconds, but it is an hour that extracts my full concentration. Wow!!

While I am enclosing a picture today, the taste did not match the colors, and thus the chef refused to divulge the recipe. Not like you don’t have enough to work off of till now.

Day 22 – Indian

It was a rainy cold day in AZ today. I found myself tucked under my covers till very late in the morning. Crazy? I like to think not. A Yoga master was once asked ‘what is Enlightment?’ and with a smile he replied “Sleep when you want, Eat when you want, Shit when you want.”
Notice the balance, sleeping, eating, eliminating. Where most of us, sleep whenever, eat whatever, and often do not eliminate for a few days (by this point at age 35 I have met an equal number of women and men who have elimination problems). What you eat affects how you sleep which affects what leaves your body.

That’s one good thing about eating raw food, it comes in, and quickly leaves, preparing the body to sleep, as I have slept till late. Granted I have my own demons I deal with like any one else, and tension we experience at home or work affects our sleep and drives us to certain foods that make us feel warm and loved, and if unchecked can turn into cravings and over long periods, addictions. And you can even get addicted to Raw Food, though somehow that is better than being addicted to White Sugar (which is in white bread, bagels, pasta, ketchup, sweet corn, ice cream, microwave foods, and many more).

P90X started me off, and I must admit, a little secret to you all, I am glad next week things get turned around some, not sure what, I have not checked that far ahead yet, but it will be changing. My body knows now that Monday is chest and back, a work out which is challenging to me. I still need a ledge to pull up, and I crash at 15 push ups, which is better than last week I guess, so there is improvement, even if small. Yoga is actually a little easier, but still nothing to write home to Mamma about. The day my hips completely open and my neck does not suffer from ‘leg behind the head’ is the day I will broadcast Raw and P90 as the keys to most Pitta/Kapha guys/girls who are struggling with the first and second series postures.

My India dinner on the other hand, that is a master piece to be promoted all over. The chef told me it was a remake of Gabriel Cousins of “Tree of Life” Indian recipe. What ever it was, it was once again a reminder that in Raw eating everything is possible. This dish was warm, looked as if it was cooked in a tandoori pot, and the rice only complete the picture. Take a look for yourself.

Have fun trying it out, it is spicy, though the chef claims it is not spicy enough (I disagree, I was bursting with flavor and warmth, and chances are that unless you have a high tendency toward spice you will be more than satisfied).

Indian Curry Vegetables

1/2 cauliflower, broccoli and carrot, chopped into bite size.
1/2 cup peas
1/2 cup macadamia nuts
1/4 cup olive oil
2 Tbsp garam masala
1 Tbsp curry powder
1/2 tsp Cayenne pepper ( you can put less if you don’t like it spicy)
1/4 cup lemon juice
1/4 sea salt
water as needed
In a high speed blender, add nuts and olive oil, blend till smooth. Add garam masala, curry powder, Cayenne pepper, sea salt and lemon juice, blend till its smooth and creamy.
Add water if needed.
Mixed sauce with veggies, massage well and make sure all is coated.
serve immediately with jicama rice or place in dehydrator for 1 hours.

Day 21 – truth

I was listening to Dr. Walter Willett, who is theChair of the Nutrition Department in Harvard University, who shared findings from on going research that began in 1976, where diet behaviors have been tracked and juxtaposed against Coronary Heart Disease (CHD). The most shocking findings, a fact which most people know in the back of their heads, a fact that has changed the business practices of the entire city of New York, a fact about the oils the food industry uses. The disturbing consequences of Trans Fat Oils, which have been scientifically linked to CHD, yet hospitals, schools, corporations and cafeterias, among others, who buy their food in bulk, receive and provide food that has Trans Fat Oils, which helps maintain shelf life.

With just oil and vinegar every day on your salad you can help your body lower the risk of CHD. With all the fabulous improvements society has achieved, providing our children and patients with food that can adversely affect them is surprising.

Waiting for companies or government to take their responsibility can take ages, but taking our own personal responsibility is within immediate reach. Simply by knowing the truth, that we should have more Omega-3 oils, which are abundant in Flax Seed Oil, or eating more olive oil, green veggies, fruits and whole grains, can give us the edge where ever we are. Add a workout, and you are in the top 10% to a happy and healthy lifestyle.

My evening salad was packed with Flax Seed Oil, greens, fruits, sesame seeds and other nuts. Granted I am Rawing my way toward inspiration, but you can enjoy this incredible variations within 30 minutes, as a snack, or an accompanying dish to your lunch or dinner (or AS lunch or dinner).

P90X enjoys a rest day, and since Ashtanga does not, I allow myself the enjoyment of Yoga, without needing to follow StretchX. Who knows, next week is the last week in Phase 1 and maybe I will add it then. You’ll have to come back to find out.

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