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I came back from my Europe teaching tour on July 17.

It was an eventful summer, teaching incredible students, enjoying the Finnish summer with my girlfriend and her family, retreating in Chania, Crete, visiting my family in Israel, and teaching Thai Massage in Germany.
With travel comes the exciting features of enjoying meals with friends, family and new faces. Between pastries, morning coffee, home cooked salad, fish and potatoes, to my favorite addiction, swiss chess on toasted Finnish rye bread, I felt I came home round like a balloon.

Sometimes it is just a good idea to dive into the indulgence of eating.

To balance this indulgence, I entered a master cleanse on July 18 for 10 days.

If you are not familiar with the master cleanse, it is a simple experience where for 10 days you drink water, mint tea (from real mint leaves), Senna tea (from senna leaves) and primarily a concoction of:
Pure lemon juice, water, pure maple syrup and cayenne pepper.
You drink as much of this concoction a day, while drinking the other liquids as you see fit.
This is not my first master cleanse, in fact I have been doing a master cleanse once a year for the last 12 years, though this experience was profoundly unique in that I realized long held patterns, behaviors and attitude which I was able to face head on and use NLP practice to shed away.

Things like arrogance, insecurity in love relationship, self protection behavior that reflected in holding back information, as well as coming to terms with certain addictive behaviors.

We all have some of these issues, but most of us are willing to not look at them, and our friends and lovers accept them, so long as they do not cross over too much into their lives.
Cleanse, where you restrict your eating behavior, and slow down through meditation, is one of the most profound ways to be honest to yourself, and to take charge of your life.

On day 11 I entered a three day Watermelon cleanse, drinking only watermelon juice and water with lemon. This cleanse flushes out the colon, and it proved to be an interesting challenge.
Where the master cleanse I felt energetic and alert, the three day Watermelon felt like I was hit with lethargy.
I still continued doing my daily ashtanga, swim and walk, but it required every ounce of my will power to do them.

To follow the protocol of coming off the master cleanse, I then completed a 3 day orange juice experience, which felt like it brought back my energy.


Xango amazing health and wellness products

Today, I woke up feeling super alert and excited, and not just because I could have juice, which I will continue for the next 21 days, but simply because my body felt recharged and alive.

When I arrived home, my friend George Kennedy of Xango International sent me some samples of Xango’s new health and lifestyle products.
Before a Hot BikYAsa Class, I mixed my first Xango Ignite packet.

The sweet berry (from the mangosteen fruit) flavor was reviving, and the experience throughout the class was remarkable. I felt energized, awake and alive.
It was so thrilling, that I came home and mixed a packet of Xango Relaod. The coconuat flavor was so refreshing after the hot class, and my body was jumping in excitement at the absorption of those nutrients.
I followed this experience with a green juice, composed of 2 pears, 3 celery stalks, 2 carrots, a bunch of kale and a large cucumber. It made a total of 24 oz juice, which I consumed within 10 minutes.

I ran 3 miles, swan 600meters, and biked around the neighborhood enjoying the beautiful hot summer day.

I highly recommend you check this website and order Xango Ignite to help boost your energy, your health and recharge your lifestyle.

For many going on a juice cleanse, a master cleanse, or a watermelon cleanse might feel like the hardest challenge you face, but mixing these Xango products is as easy as 1-2-3, and the results are instantaneous.

If you would like to follow a cleanse, or need support completing one, be sure to contact me.
As a holistic health coach I help individuals achieve their personal health and lifestyle goals.

I look forward to supporting you – email me at gabe@h3yoga.com

To your health and happiness, click here for Xango products


Day 90 – DONE!!!!!!

Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!

When you set out to accomplish something, the sheer finish is its own reward. That is why you should set new goals, write them down, and you will succeed at what ever you wish.

For me, these last 90 days were about eating Raw, doing P90X. Was it hard? of course. Were there days that I almost fell off? Of course. And on some days I actually fell, lucky for me right into a bed of lettuce.

Sometimes raw fish and rice.

Some days on this last leg, P90X was substituted with yoga, or done half way through, but I completed the marathon, even if I was walking (which is what happened to me in 2000 when I hurt my knee in the Atlanta marathon).

I will post pictures of before and after later, and the chef has not written a recipe for you all in some time; she is so busy too, and this 90 day challenge was mine, so we appreciate the gifts that were given us, and you should come back often and review them.

Raw food with daily workout and yoga makes you energetic, inspires your goals, and allows the universe to come your way.

It took some time, but the last 30 days saw my yoga practice boost in energy and student by more than 100%, my Thai Massage courses and sessions have been full, and as part of the Sumit Yoga family, and an IIN coach, I am so grateful for the universe and the gifts it has shown me in the last month (and others before, even though it was hard to see) both in career, direction, and finances.

You have to walk it, 90 days, and before you know it, you shoot up, like a bamboo into the sky.

Remember the bamboo sits in teh ground for 60-90 days, before it shoot sup in a period of 15 days to it’s maximum height of many feet. Let yourself shoot out, choose a 90 day growth enhancer. Choose Sumit Yoga 90 day challenge, or P90X. Choose something and you will do it.

Thank you for making the choice to read this!