Day 90 – DONE!!!!!!

Oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!

When you set out to accomplish something, the sheer finish is its own reward. That is why you should set new goals, write them down, and you will succeed at what ever you wish.

For me, these last 90 days were about eating Raw, doing P90X. Was it hard? of course. Were there days that I almost fell off? Of course. And on some days I actually fell, lucky for me right into a bed of lettuce.

Sometimes raw fish and rice.

Some days on this last leg, P90X was substituted with yoga, or done half way through, but I completed the marathon, even if I was walking (which is what happened to me in 2000 when I hurt my knee in the Atlanta marathon).

I will post pictures of before and after later, and the chef has not written a recipe for you all in some time; she is so busy too, and this 90 day challenge was mine, so we appreciate the gifts that were given us, and you should come back often and review them.

Raw food with daily workout and yoga makes you energetic, inspires your goals, and allows the universe to come your way.

It took some time, but the last 30 days saw my yoga practice boost in energy and student by more than 100%, my Thai Massage courses and sessions have been full, and as part of the Sumit Yoga family, and an IIN coach, I am so grateful for the universe and the gifts it has shown me in the last month (and others before, even though it was hard to see) both in career, direction, and finances.

You have to walk it, 90 days, and before you know it, you shoot up, like a bamboo into the sky.

Remember the bamboo sits in teh ground for 60-90 days, before it shoot sup in a period of 15 days to it’s maximum height of many feet. Let yourself shoot out, choose a 90 day growth enhancer. Choose Sumit Yoga 90 day challenge, or P90X. Choose something and you will do it.

Thank you for making the choice to read this!