The Power of Love-Joy Language

Gotta love language, esepcially when you don’t speak it.
What is really funny is seeing the attitudes of people dealing with others who don’t speak their language.
Here I was on the train from Poland to Germany, and apparently I was sitting in the first class.
Mind you I had been sitting in my seat for almost 3 hours, through the whole polish country side, and most of the train ride to dresden. Some where in Poland a ticket guy came to punch my ticket and never said anything, so how should I have known?
Suddenly I find myself with another ticket guy in front of me. This just one stop before the last stop in dresden, as I am feeling a bit worried if I was really on the right track .
I suppose since we crossed over the German side and most of the passengers were totally new ones by now they needed to check again.
So this young guy comes over, takes my ticket, and calls someone over.
At first I was afraid he was going to tell me that I did not get off in the right station since the ticket lady gave me a ticket to the last stop in Poland, but informed me to get off in Dresden, saying this is a cheaper way to buy the ticket. It was Karolina, who took me to the station who informed me of the deal the counter lady hooked me up with. Basically I saved about $10 off of a $95 ticket (to give you a reference, if I had known the price in time, I would have purchased an OLT Express flight to Berlin for $40 and then a train ride from Berlin to Leipzig for $20, saving both time and money as the train ride is 6 hr long).
As the young guy flagged down his team mates , i was playing in my head how i would handle the situation, basically relyng on my lack of local language skills, when a young lady with colored auburn hair and an older gentleman show up. They take my ticket and begin to point out that I have a class 2 ticket and that the number 1 is on the door to the area I am sitting in.
I am relieved that I don’t have to explain the whole ticket situation, but am surprised with the older gentleman attitude toward me.
I understand what he means immediately, but this older blond hair guy who does not speak English is livid, and in German is talking to me as I calmly get out of my lotus sitting position and attempt to put on my shoes.
Since he is in my face while I am getting ready to move, I smile and tell him to relax over and over, but he is on a mission to express himself, and by the tme I have my shoes on and am ready to walk out he sticks his hand and says: “forty euro” in English. Apparently he can count in English. I gather that he is suggesting that if I want to stay where I am sitting, even though at this point I am standing with my shoes on and reaching for my bag, I can pay him cash and stay in the four seat section at the rear of the three compartment train I am on.
The train itself is scarcely full, and I simply move to the next seat down and sit down. I literally moved four feet from where I was sitting. All to make this ticket guy content that he kept the first class “clean.”
Since I have German friends now, and I am going to Leipzig and Berlin on this trip to teach I will refrain from making association with this attitude to other events in German history, and only point out the smile, or is it a smirk, that I have as I write this side note on my iPad, watching the green landscape move by me at a mediocre speed.
I will take the super fast train from Antwerp to Paris next month, and it will be interesting to compare the train experience.
I’ll be sure to double check that I am not in the incorrect designated area.
Though last year I took quite a few trains around Europe and eventually realized that most ticket conductors are not this strict.
I tell you, those who do not get laid seem to have a real stick up the ass attitude…then again, I have not had sex either.
Oh wait, I did yoga, which means I literally had divine union with my real self, which technically is even better than just sex.
Love making is the connection of two people in the sense of non separation between them, much like yoga practice is the practice of uniting with the sense of divine that brought us here.
Love making, like yoga makes you joyful, connected, and giving.
Many people fuck, few people truly realize that sense of Love-Joy.
Then again many people do yoga, and few realize the same Love-Joy.
Yes, there is a sense of elation when we work out, which oftens gets confused by yogis with that sense of Love-Joy, as if because they have a sense of some deeper philosophy they are doing something that is superior to people who work out.
Let’s remember that Arnold Schwarzenegger said: “after Iwork out I feel like I had a great orgasm.”
Yes, the orgasmic feeling is a taste of the Love-Joy experience that is our true state of being, which is why men cum so fast, and many women choose not to cum at all (sorry ladies, those of you who have not enjoyed an orgasm need to realize that it truly is your own choice not to experience it).
Women, or I should say the Feminine, is way more connected to existence and to Love, and thus suffers much more when she recognizes that her partner was only interested in the moment sweetness, and not in the ever lasting grander of unification, which is why she chooses not to engage in mundane sexuality as often as men (yet that is rapidly changing as women seem to replicate the same existence as men).
All this leaves us with is a world that remains in the same isolated platform that leads a ticket conductor manager to look at a person who is sitting in first class with such disdain as if he just got spat on his face. As opposed to just smiling at a foreigners mistake.
They do say that children, who are connected to that sense of Joy, smile almost 400 times a day, but adults…only 15.
My students constantly tell me that I am like a child. Smiling, laughing, creating humor, and operating from a constant sense of wonder at even the most mundane things.
I thank them.
I thank Tom Robbins for putting these words in my soul after reading “Still Life with a Woodpecker” in one of my college courses:
“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood.”


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ashlyn
    Jun 08, 2012 @ 03:54:26

    Being new to your blog this is the first entry I have read. I must say the entirety of the story was lost to me once I read the statement “(sorry ladies, those of you who have not enjoyed an orgasm need to realize that it truly is your own choice not to experience it).” Do you say the same thing of older men no longer able to get it up?

    I am surprised that somebody with such an open mind would make such a narrow-minded comment, especially being involved in working with the body. Each body is amazingly individual and unique and has its own unique way of dealing with life and expressing itself. Why would you assume that the only reason for not being able to experience an orgasm would be a psychological block? I believed this most of my life, thinking there was some emotional block that I was failing to surmount in my quest to experience the ecstasy that I heard others talk about. I spent countless hours and money trying to get to the bottom of it. Turns out, I needed pelvic work for a tight pelvic floor from a horse-riding accident in my childhood. It was affecting the nerves that channel sensation in that area. That changed my experience of pleasure during sex from say only seeing black and white to having the entire spectrum of colors open up before me (or within me, rather).

    Yes, I do think all disease in the body has an emotional basis. But it is not always remedied through an emotional path. By making such a blunted statement about women, you are underestimating them as beings and allowing yourself to limit your own awe of the innumerable ways in which the Divine works through the body.


    • Gabriel Azoulay
      Jun 08, 2012 @ 08:23:46

      Ashlyn, that was an awesome response 🙂
      I would tell old men who can not get an erection the same thing….i.e. orgasm has nothing to do with the physical body, and someone like you who needed physical work – which means you took responsibility, and while it took someone else to figure out the tension, you sought it out and found someone who understood where it came from, and once that was removed you experienced your sense of opening, but one day, like men experience, they might not have an erection – does that mean they will not experience an orgasm? why? is orgasm physical or spiritual?
      If it is spiritual, then it requires the years with the body to discover how to tap into the spiritual way of creating that orgasm.
      true enough, for me, in today world, they have viagra, but if they have not learned how to create the spiritual, which is what i really meant in my blog, to discover the Love-Joy/God/Energy that lies inside of us, if they have not tapped into that in their life time and they are now old and can not get it up, then in my opinion they wasted all their life throwing away their energy, rather than discovering how God/Love/Energy flows in them, and how they can share it with others.

      Thank you for sharing your post, it was truly inspiring to read, and I do write sometimes in such a way as to hopefully get a reaction in the reader, which I believe is the point of writing, wouldn’t you say?


  2. lucy
    Jun 08, 2012 @ 08:06:38

    Loving Kindness..


  3. Ashlyn
    Jun 11, 2012 @ 17:41:48

    Thanks for clarifying your meaning! Are you postulating then that women have subconsciously chosen to refrain from experiencing orgasm because of being so emotionally shut-down from the combination of being inherently connected to Love and the realization their partners just wanted a little horizontal mambo instead of a similar deeper connection that shares Love and allows it flow between them? That women are reluctant to achieve that spiritual union within due to disappointment in spiritual unions without? Or that they simply choose to refrain from wasting energy when it is not shared through Love?

    Hmm…I will have to chew on that one for a while and see how it sits with me. Thanks for making me react and ponder 🙂


    • Gabriel Azoulay
      Jun 11, 2012 @ 23:45:53


      I am suggesting that both and women refrain from fully offering their Love-Light.
      From a sexual stand point, men simply have their sexuality out in front of them, if you know what I mean, and their fast “orgasm” is often an indication of emotional inaccessibility, and lack of body awareness (not that “porn” star kind of guys, who train themselves not to cum have a better emotional access, though they at least attempt to access their bodies better, which gives them a beginning toward opening to others).
      Women with issues of orgasm is a similar aspect, through the feminine suffers much more than the masculine in todays world. From the way the media presents what women should look like and do, to how men stare and create negative feelings.
      In relationships women need more than what most men are aware of and because they do not get it, often it is hard for them to open their heart and thus their body for the full flow of orgasm that can be accessed with their lover.
      Both sexes need to learn how to practice alone and open to the full flow of Love-God, I will use that word, that expands the ensue of connection, and experience a deep personal connection through orgasm, and then learn how to invite and connect to that sense which lies in another.
      But if we can’t find it in ourselves, we are subjecting our partner to tension when we expect them to do it for us.
      Some of my words are still large and general, but hopefully you allow me the freedom of Black and White to make an example, and work the details either through question, or exploring the works of David Deida, or Ken Wilber (on sexuality) 🙂


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