Alaro, Mallorca

I came to Mallorca to visit my friend Howard, who we discovered a mutual passion for laughter, simplicity and joyfulness on the Island of Iz in Croatia two years ago, while teaching Thai Massage at the annual European Thai Massage Gathering. My friend Nicky had connected me with a yogi couple she had been inspired with who live and teach on the island, David Lurey and Mirjam Wagner. David told me about that Deva Premal would be chanting at Palma city, a double dose of fun, between teaching yoga and chanting kirtan with others..
Howard and I, attended a yoga class Friday morning, led by Sandra,  Earth Yoga studio owner. I had wanted to see the studio, but also to have students meet me, and be inspired to attend my workshops. I also wanted Howard, who lives in a village called Alaro, about 30 minutes from the city, to connect with the Yoga community, as what he shares is so beneficial to them as well.
Where Howard primarily works with private clients, giving massage or cranio-sacral treatments, I had always known that Thai Massage is more suited for yoga teachers and practitioners. Today Thai Massage, or Thai Yoga as I call it, is part of every yoga teacher training. I may have my opinion on the quality of the teaching, which are usually done by someone who spent a week studying this complex art, and perhaps given a few treatments, Thai Yoga has become a common word like I predicted over 7 years ago when I opened my first Thai Massage Center in Phoenix, AZ. The center was pre its time, and closed before its first year anniversary, where today there are two Thai Massage centers carrying my Thai Yoga Massage DVDs.
Between the morning Yoga class, and the concert, Howard had a chance to connect with many he has not seen in quite sometime, as well as be inspired about sharing his courses in new areas.
“When you live in the village you want everyone to come to you,” Howard told me when I first arrived, and as we were strolling around the old style buildings, tucked in the valley in the center of the Island, I could see why.


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