How Hot Yoga is leading and changing the Yoga Industry

Today, Hot Yoga has changed the lives of hundreds of people across the world. Intentional Yoga Studios throughout the world offer a Hot Yoga practice called “Bikyasa” that is grounded in the scientific and medical benefits of the Hot and Flow Yoga.

The word Yoga today is easily associated with lifestyle and health, two major concerns of the American Health Association today. With an increase of obesity in younger adults, rising numbers of diabetes, heart failure, and other stress related health concerns; Yoga classes are becoming increasingly more popular, as a cost alternative, prevention, and even symptom reversal.

In 1998, Dr. Dean Ornish, through experimenting with 194 patients of coronary heart disease, found that “80% of the patients were able to avoid bypass or angioplasty by adhering to lifestyle changes, including yoga.”

Intentional Yoga continues to change one’s outlook of Yoga with its heated flow, in-depth instruction, and popular culture beat. Baseball stars, Hollywood celebrities, and pop culture artists attest to the amazing benefits they experience after just a few classes.

Hot Yoga continues to lead the Yoga industry by encouraging physicians and scientists to research its benefits, funding experiments and educating the general public. Benefits such as weight loss, muscle tone, joint flexibility, range of motion, increased energy and enhanced vitality are only a few of the common benefits that practitioners rave about.

The most recent published paper on the benefits of Hot Yoga were published in the Chinese Medicine Journal on June 2010, demonstrating the benefits of Hot Yoga as a countermeasure of bone loss in women. Cardiac surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz at New York Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan, also argues that Yoga “massages the lymph system,” activating the flow of lymph throughout the body, speeding up its infection-fighting and waste-filtering process, and promoting “the draining of the lymph.”  According to Oz, specific asanas “stretch muscles that from animal studies are known to stimulate the lymph system.”

Today’s Yoga industry is vast and varied and offers a class that suits any individual, though Intentional Yoga classes offer a consistent experience through their Bikyasa program which is a set sequence with specific instruction, which make the class accessible to beginners and challenging for advanced practitioners. The postures are connected together to provide not only a complete workout, but also a scientific approach to revitalizing the entire system.

This revitalization process occurs primarily through the heat. In a heated environment capillaries dilate more effectively, enhancing oxygenation of tissues, muscles, glands and organs. Metabolism speeds up the breakdown of glucose and fatty acids, and just as when your body raises its temperature to fight infection, raised temperature in the room assists in improving T-cell function and the proper functioning of your immune system.

Outside of the physical benefits, Intentional Yoga builds a community that supports and nourishes it’s students. What sets Bikyasa Style apart is it’s ability to bridge between the sciences of the East, and the freedom of the West.

Have you done your yoga today?


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