Living Foods Matzoh

Matzoh is the mainstay of the Passover holiday. Without it, Passover just would not be the same. But we Living Foods enthusiasts need our own matzoh recipe. Dorleen Tong, one of the creators of SF LiFE (San Francisco Living Foods Enthusiasts) created the following recipe years before it became matzoh!

This recipe makes so much, you’d do well to have a 9-tray Excalibur dehydrator. If you want to make less, just half or third all of the ingredients.

15 pounds organic carrots (equals 22 cups of carrot pulp) (Note: You can substitute winter squash for the carrots. I like Kabocha because it tastes just like pumpkin.)
1 to 1 ½ pounds flax seed, unsoaked
Note: Each 8-cups of carrot pulp requires 8 ounces of flax seed. If you are making the entire recipe, 1 to 1½ pounds of flaxseed is sufficient.

This recipe is made from the pulp of juiced carrots. Juice 15 pounds of carrots and retain the juice for another time. Squeeze as much juice out of the pulp as possible and retain. In a grinder or blender, grind the flaxseed. Mix the two ingredients, and add as much carrot juice as is needed. If you have a 9-tray dehydrator, divide the mixture into nine portions, and flatten each portion on a dehydrator tray (on a teflex sheet). Score the pulp into 4 large squares, or 9 smaller squares, or leave without scoring the trays.

Dehydrate the matzoh at 105 degrees for at least 15 hours, or longer. Break the matzoh in pieces after it is dry and very crispy. Enjoy throughout the Passover holiday.


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