Raw Chocolates

What is Raw Chocolate?

While definitions vary slightly depending on who you ask, when we say “raw chocolate”, we mean chocolate made from completely uncooked ingredients. Our chocolates and all their ingredients never experience temperatures above 45 °C.

So Why Raw?

“Why should I care if your ingredients are all raw?” We get this question a lot and there are quite a few reasons why you should care, but to really understand the reasons we need to start at the beginning, where all chocolate comes from.

Cacao, the basic and core ingredient of all chocolate, has some very special qualities. Named “food of the gods” over 3500 years ago, cacao was used by ancient cultures for everything from health to ritual purposes.

Scientists today have found that cacao contains well over 300 nutritional compounds, which together with its delicious taste explains why raw chocolate has so many fans. Many people don’t just stop at eating raw chocolate, but add raw cacao to their smoothies, breakfasts, and even main meals!

The Problem with Most Chocolate

The problem is most commercial chocolate is highly processed. The cacao is chemically treated, and heated to over 130 °C so that most nutrients, enzymes, minerals, antioxidants, and other beneficial compounds are either lost or altered. In this process the cacao’s original deep and complex taste is also altered and, often, muted. This heat affects the nutritional value of the ingredients. Most of us are aware that raw vegetables contain more enzymes and vitamins than boiled ones. The same is true of all foods, including chocolate. All this processing leads to a chocolate that is very distant from its cacao origins.

Here at Rawr we are devoted to making chocolate with the highest quality raw ingredients we can find, completely vegan with no added refined sugar, packed with antioxidants, no artificial this or the other, no hydrogenated or chemical preservative nonsense, no cheap emulsifiers, and no colourings. Guilt-free chocolate! See our comparison chart to learn more about the difference between our chocolate and most commercial chocolate.

Our chocs are completely raw and 100% yummy!

What’s the Difference?

Lots of people ask us what the difference is between our chocolate and most other chocolate, so we’ve put together a comparison chart for you below… Click the picture below.

To read more click on this link http://www.rawrchoc.com/


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