Watermelon Cleanse Day 3

Gotta love the third day, first of all, if you can make it 3 days without solid food, you will wake up on the 4th day wondering if you really need it.

I’m not preaching ‘breathterian’ here, where you live on breath alone, or the power of the sun, just sharing a reality I learned over 10 years ago when I did my very first 3 and then 10 day fast. The first 3 days are the hardest. And if you have been following me in the last few weeks you have noticed that even starting one can be a challenge on that very first day.

Well, on this 3rd day, I practiced in the morning, taught and then surfed for about an hour, followed by a lunch meeting, where I had a carrot, apple and ginger juice due to the fact that they did not serve any watermelon drinks. I figured I was getting good nutrients with the choice I had made and that I was probably good for the cleanse.

I had not planned on the surf being so nice and calm after teaching and was thrown off schedule a little, though I had plenty of watermelon juice and water when I came home.

I did suffer from intense cravings toward sunset, probably watching my wife and son indulge in some gluten free chocolate cookies. Upon arriving home, Bibiana made me a banana, coconut milk, chia seed, cacao powder and other super food ingredients smoothie to sooth my craving, which did the trick pretty well, so well in fact that I asked her to make another one two hours later before we watched the latest episode of True Blood.

It might not have been pure watermelon and water for 3 days, but it sure came close to it.

How am I feeling? pretty good, outside of the intense cravings at the end of the day I was feeling pretty good.

I did notice I was a little tired and almost fatigued around sunset time, and found it hard to think about going back out to the beach, though the pending storm and lack of good surf could have been other reasons.

I plan on attempting my fall 30 day liquid fast which I do every year (though lats year I was unable to sustain more than a 7 day fast for some reason, though that is a topic for a different blog).

Stay tuned for recipes, insights and explorations.

I have been doing fall and spring 30 day liquid fasts for 7 years (excluding last year), as a Pitta-Kapha body type I do not loose that much weight and the idea that you loose tons of weight disappears after day 10, at which point the experience of not eating is closer to spiritual practice rather than an ego (weight loosing is about an image and thus fueled by the ego) booster.

Somewhat like Yin Yoga, where the first 10 minutes are about getting used to the posture and the connective tissue opens up, where the time between 10-20 minutes (according to Dr. Motoyama energy cycles in the body in 20 minutes segments) is purely meditative.


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