Watermelon Cleanse Day 2

Watermelon might be in season down here in Wilmington, NC where I am spending my summer, but not all watermelons taste the same. My wife prefers the organic small size watermelon she picks at the local co-op, where I don’t mind buying any watermelon from any store, as organic is organic, whether at the co-op or Harris Teeter.

I must preach the benefits of organic purely from the stand point of toxins, and if you find that you are highly allergic you might want to start with changing your fruits and vegetables to only organic produce. Simple changes to your diet can take you from feeling down, sick or lethargic to feeling well, happy and content with the world around you.

I know this from personal experience, as well as from the clients I work with. Nutrition is truly your medicine, as we are what we eat.

Will I become a melon? not in 3 days. I do feel lighter, more focused, and my mood is high.

It will take more than 3 days to truly know the effects of the high vitamin dosages, though a 3 days watermelon fast is suppose to clean out the digestion, help the kidneys, and re-balance the hormones. Without medical supervision you will simply have to trust my words.

I highly recommend checking out this post about fasting and longevity, you could save your life, or respond here if you would like a complementary 45 min Health History Session where we can explore your health concerns, your life’s goals and how you can reach achieve your ultimate life.


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