Raw Style

We drove all the way to Raleigh, NC today. A 2 hr drive from the beach in order to procure necessary ingredients for this weekend Raw and Ayurveda presentation we are planning.

What many Raw Food people do not recognize is that there are limitation to any strict regimen, and that principles from ancient practices can shed light on how to make your food choices that empower the body. Ayurveda recognizes 3 season, and thus also 3 body types that arise from those seasons.

Summer season with its heat index on the outside, growth of fresh fruits high on the trees, and certain cooling vegetables is the perfect Raw season for all body types. Choose your diet and choose your season, and you will be surprised as to what you will learn that can keep you on the Raw path with ease, taste and success.

We will be working on a 4 season Raw Book/Blog in the next 8 months, drawing on insights from Ayurveda and Macrobiotic on how best to utilize nuts, herbs, super foods and local produce.

Ayurveda is the science of life, a science of over 3000 years. There is much we can learn from it, even if we are choosing a more modern eating style.


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