Day 1 – yeah…right…

Watermelon is not my favorite fruit, though I grew up with it in Israel. It is still a staple at my family’s home at the end of any large meal. My wife loves it and is always excited in summer season with the availability of fresh organic watermelons.

Now when I say it is not my favorite, i am not saying I don’t like it, i just prefer the sweetness of pineapple, the tanginess of the green mango, the slipperiness of the sweet orange mango, the fresh cut apple on a stick, peeled oranges, or cleaned lynchee and rambutan, but those I learned to love in Thailand and India where their price and availability allows for daily  consumption. Here, in the US one satisfies their fruit buzz with peaces, apples and watermelons.

So I woke up to water and watermelon juice. And was doing really great all day. Carrying a large bottle to the beach filled to the rim, discovering that watermelon is worse than beer. Once you unplung the cork, the flood is quickly returning. Gotta love the ocean.

I would have survived the whole day, but alas, a travel trip to Wal-Mart brought out an unadulterated cravings for Morning Star Spicy Wings. It was on slae causing the watermelon to lose the battle.

I am well aware of the consequences to the nervous and physical system, but that is the beauty of this blog.

I will do the mistake, take the road that many of us think about, and show you how to get back on track.

Many of us fall under the pit fall of fried food, which unlike my dinner fall out which consisted of green rich salad, with apples, nuts and lemon dressing to soften the digestion and enliven the cell with cleansing powers.

A sampling of simple pasta with oil and corn, pinch of spicy peppers which brought a sampling of enlightment to the day. The power of simple combination which, when done correctly brings out a calm and reflection to the magic of life. I will have to write and provide a picture about it in tomorrow’s post.

Then I had my wings, when my belly was ready to receive a more processed combination of imitation meat. With a side of raw honey.

A glass of red wine to help swirl some Rumi pleasure in my belly assisted the experience which was shared with my son who had a much larger bowl of the pasta as his dinner.

The watermelon cleanse will happen this Thursday, the body will now recover through water, fruits and simple macrobiotic heating foods.


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