Watermelon cleanse

My wife had told me a few months ago how David Wolfe, the Raw Lifestyle promoter, recommends and actually does 3 day watermelon fasts to cleanse his body, and to energize. She tried it, but lasted only one day. I am considering exploring that plateau tomorrow, and will keep you posted as to what happens and how I feel through it.

Having just moved to a new home and new town, a cleanse is in order. It is the middle of summer, and watermelon are abound, which sparked the Wolfe memory.

Are there other benefits for watermelon fasting? Let me recount the ways….

The watermelon is a whole body cleanser.
It has positive effects on the kidney, bladder, heart, stomach, colon, liver and more!
For many people the kidneys are under tremendous strain. They may in fact be losing their effective ability to clear toxins in many individuals. Why? Protein, alcohol and caffeine all put strain on the kidney.

I don’t drink coffee, nor eat red meat, but beer is a fond beverage in my day to day.

We’ll see what changes in the next 3 days….stay tuned…


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