WHY! Yoga Road Trip Day 48 – 51

Driving alone all the way to Cincinnati, OH was an experience. It takes more than one day, especially when you leave at 8 o’clock in the evening hoping to avoid traffic.

I drove and slept somewhere, waking up to practice, and completing my drive to the city.

Arriving in the early afternoon, I had a chance to connect with my host, Jeff, and see his wonderful house and enjoy the time away from the driver’s seat. I taught the same evening, and the group was so welcoming and excited, some of them had even watched my videos already.

it was to be a more advanced workshop, sharing nuances and principles of Thai, rather than teaching the dance itself.

I am really enjoying sharing western understanding to the practice with the ancient principles I value so much.

My new book ‘intergative thai’ will be a valuable resource tying and opening to discussion all the aspects of body work that can be found working in Nuad Bo’ran.

Jeff and I practices to Guruji on Friday night, making the value of Guruji’s DVDs that much more real and needed. Hopefully the community at large will appreciate the DVD production my friend and I are doing through www.ledgurujidvd.com

Driving all through the night to get to NYC in time to shower, change, practice and fly to Europe. This is truly a road trip!


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