WHY! Yoga Road Trip Days 39 – 47

I am grouping days again, mainly because technically we are not on the road any more. While we are not settled in our own home, we are fortunate to have a single location in NYC to share our time and energies from.

I had put out an ad in Natural Awakening NJ that I will be in town offering my services, though the response has been limited. I guess I am not that big of a personality that individuals will be excited about my skills compared with the skills of a locally trained Thai Therapist.
The owner of Natural Awakening who has watched my videos and has received other work before did appreciate my style and years of training, and thus I drove to see her at her home office and worked on her and a friend, who has never had Thai before.
I did convert yet another person to Thai.

Once you go Thai Massage, you can not really go back to the other styles, unless you are looking for a rub down.

While there are a few individuals out there who truly understand how to enhance the working of the body through body work, Thai Massage achieves a level of balance and depth that any one can provide. Applying western application and being able to treat the body for the complications it is experiencing that day….that is the skill and artistic abilities of the therapist.

We enjoyed time walking, sitting in the park, eating at various restaurants, and simply connecting with family.

I have a long ten days ahead of me, between driving to Cincinnati, OH to teach Thai Massage, and turning around to drive back and catch a flight the same day to Croatia, where I am part of the European Thai Massage gathering, these last few days were a calm before the adventure, though I will be taking this adventure by myself, allowing my son and wife to enjoy the magic of NYC.


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