WHY! Yoga Road Trip Day 33 – 37

I had all the intention of providing daily feedback while I was back in AZ for the first Sumit Yoga Retreat in Sedona, but we just had too much fun, so I have to recap for you all.

I arrived Thursday afternoon after driving my car to the JFK airport, picked up by my friend Sabrina who owns the Sumit studio in McCormick Ranch. We headed to see our good friend Christoffer and enjoy some tasty beverages and lunch option. While I discovered that someone stole my hard drive with almost a year’s worth of work on it, nothing can take away the joy of being back among good friends.

The following day, after teaching a Sumit class (something I have not done in over 30 days and I got stuck with sequence creating a joyful giggles in how I maneuvered through my mishap), a scrumptious lunch at Dayna and Sabrina’s favorite lunch spot we shot up to Sedona. a most beautiful drive, that had us arriving to the resort right around 5, to enjoy the high sun over the red rocks.

That was the start of a weekend full of laughs, yoga, pictures and hiking. Dayna, Sabrina and I formed a mini triage which was joined by Stephen the second night, who was a trooper and woke up on the last day to practice Ashtanga Yoga with me.

Christoffer had done the practice with me on Friday morning, out in his pool, so it was a beautiful experience to share my practice with new thirsty practitioners.

The retreat went fabulously well, some changes here and there, but amazing students, great energy and reception, and I only hope I get to do be in the next one.


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