WHY! Yoga Road Trip Day 24

Tim Miller has a favorite sequence of moving from Anjaniasana A to Anjanisana B, and then C, and then into Hanumanasana .
I always thought Anjinisana was ‘lunge pose’ and was just a physical preparation for the body to achieve the pose, but today as I was reading a new book by Krishna Das about the prayer ‘Hunuman Chalisa‘ I realized that Anjani, a beautiful Varana woman, a woman from a race of man-monkey, is Hanuman’s mother.
Thus those opening postures, including all their variations, Parivrita Anjaniasna, A, B, and C, leading into D (hanumanasana) are all ways of honoring the history and birth of Hanuman.
It made my heart cry, my eyes to tear, to have now, after years of practicing that sequence, of always choosing to improvise with such variation, to now, after all this practice to have realized how incredible Tim’s surrender to practice, his love for hanuman, and everything his way of practice, which is the same way of practice and teaching you to share, are so humbled and rich, and if we follow practice, svadhyaya will find us, and connections between the written history and the physical practice will reveal themselves.

It made me also realize why Tim includes Hanumanasana every morning in his practice.

Today, with the appreciation to how much hanuman plays a role in my life, with the stories i share about his youth as Denis the Menace, his powerful leap that represents the leap of faith that we can take, I am amazed at the other aspects that exist in the subtle expression of the practice.

Vinyasa is more than just breathing and putting poses together.

Vinyasa is an artistic weaving of postures based on many gross and subtle connections.


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