WHY! Yoga Road Trip Day 23

I love doing yoga watching the ocean. I would love it more if we had surf, but the surf advisory was all wrong with its head high wavs, the winds is strong, the water has a strong current in it, but from a far it is beautiful to watch.

We decide to switch beaches, since anohter resort which is not over looking a 1940 luna park is the same price, and we head to Wrightsville beach.

the day is gray, the rain s falling, so we go to Baja K38, a taco place which is a favorite on the beach. It s this restaurant that isnpired me to go surf mile marker K38 in Baja Mexico (even though they call it Baja California).

We decide that we can relax about finding a home, something better will come up, and beside we are going to NY over the weekend, and won’t be back till next month, so we will spend the month looking.


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