WHY! Yoga Road Trip Day 22

With such incredible people, we are able to lead all 20 people through the dance of Thai Massage and 20 other people experinced the full magic of it. We had people glowing walking out of the room this afternoon.

It is still scattered rain, but surf advisory tells me that there is surf, so we decide to head to the beach. We might not be able to stay in our new home yet, but we can stay in a hotel until tuesday when they said we could share the house with them.

About an hour into the drive I call them, to tell them we need to stop by and pick up some of our stuff for the beach, and she begins to tell me she sent me an email and she is so sorry but they are afraid of liability, they lost their home in CA and finally they neice coiuld use the house and move out of Iowa.

All basically telling me we can not live there.


Remember though, it is how we deal with the shock that matters. Life itself is shocking, sometimes in a funny great way, sometimes in a more devastating way. What ‘is’ is and what ‘is not’ is not, and no wishing can change it.

So we decide to treat ourselves and stay at the marriott over looking Carolina beach. Trusting that all will work out we go to sleep.


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