WHY! Yoga Road Trip Day 20

Loosing all your emails can cause chaos, though how we handle that chaos is what matters.

I wake up, practice with my friend who showed interst in understanding why I say Vinyasa and ashtanga are different, and why I believe without ahstanga basis vinyasa practice is a song that does not always play a great tune.

See Sumits Blog for more on that theory.

I give myelf enough time to make it to a client I have, and using mapquest make my way to a spa 30 minutes away, where I hope the appointkent is. Having no email I can not check where we confirmed.

Of course we confirmed somewhere else, at the studio, which I have no idea how to get to, yet.

He is relaxed about it, making it very easy to find my way back, and two hours later we go to a house he manages, and enojy a baautiful experience called Thai Massage.

The evening class, with 20 people, has incredible eneregy, and I share a story I learned just two days prior.

As a boy, Jivaka was very observant. In his studies of Ayurveda he was sent with the other kids to the near by elephant camp.
When the boys returned the master asked if they had noticed anything in particular at the camp.
Jivaka raised his hand and said, “I saw an female elphant who was pregnant, with a male baby, and she will deliver tomorrow.”
while the other kids just laughed, the master asked Jivaka to explain these facts.
“Well,” said Jivaka, “I saw she was female by looking at her gender, as i saw he footprints, i noticed that her hind legs imprints were deeper than her front two, indicating that she is carrying a baby. When i looked further, i noticed that the right one was deeper than the left and we know that elephants carry male babies on the right. Observing her urine I saw placenta indicating that she will deliver tomorrow.”

Dr. Jivaka was a famous Ayurvedic physician, you might know better than me which sutras mention that name.

What makes this story that much more touching to my heart, is that Thai Masage, what i prefer to call Thai Yoga (check out my new web book for the difference www.integrativethai.com), was created by the personal Ayurvedic doctor for Sidhratha Guatama (the Buddha).

His full name was Dr. Jivaka Kumar Baccha


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