WHY! Yoga Road Trip Day 19

It is so nice to wake up in a bed, while yesterday I was all locked up in practice, I can feel that it has passed, and I am excited to practice on the driveway to the two garage of the house. With a guest house above it, a pool and beautiful yard in the front, it is amazing place to wake up to.

After practice I take a drive to see if there is any surf, but alas, the universe is giving us a sunny morning, and over tea and morning chat we get to know our land lady more.

We don’t have much time, and I rush to return the trailer, to discover that had I dropped it off in Raleigh, as I had intended and not listened to the U-Haul rep, I would have not lost $150. Very aggravated, but at least I did not have to pay an extra $400, I return to the house, we pack the car and rush to Raleigh, hoping to make it in time for me to see Tony, my good friend from years ago. He is going to Chicago on a winning trip for a restaurant convention.

We make it to eat at the best taqueria I have ever been to, with mushroom taco and all kinds of salsa. Amazing.

Take my full belly to a yoga class at the studio I will teach all weekend, and meet the owner, a very beautiful soul, and her studio, lage and brown wood colors, with a new book about Hanuman by Krishna Das that catches my eye on the book case display.

I know I am in the right studio. So excited to the weekend ahead.


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