WHY! Yoga Road Trip Day 18

The clouds are clearing a little this morning. It feels like an amazing day!

I put my camera out, lay out my mat while everyone is still sleeping, at the foothills of the Appalachian, surrounded with green pine trees, and begin my yoga practice.

Soemthing must be in the air, something is about to change direction, the winds of life are about to pick up causing the ship to stir. I know this because I feel it. I feel it because I got locked up at the end of sun salutation A. My psoas muscle just gripped as if it was haging for dear life off an imaginary cliff, and while I completed practice all the way through to Marichasana A, it was with excurciating pain.

Practice, however, is about relaxing, breathing and doing the best we can, so I did the best I could, for as long as I could, before I did closing.

I am not sure what is about to happen, or whether my instincts are right. After all, everything has been aligning just right, and even though we had a few moments of insecurity with the house, they know we are arriving today.

We stop in Durham, NC, to eat at the best Mexican restaurant in the world, a place I have known since college, and the owner and I became friends when I was working for him. It is also in the neighborhood where I moved to from Israel, so after over 10 years, it is incredible to pull up and feel like I was just there yesterday.

The food is amazing, and we get to meet my friend Gin, who i have also known since moving to the US, and will be staying with over the weekend as I am teaching Thai Yoga.

Belly full (and yeah, I know i have dropped the macro-biotic and raw, one has to amend at times), we head to the beach.

We get there right before sun set, the couple who own the home are so lovely, and let us borrow their car so we can make it to the ocean before the sun disappears. I drive us to both beaches, amazed at my memory for all the shortcuts, and under the pouring rain we get some fish from a fish restaurant and come home, to take showers, eat and meet our new dwelling.


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