WHY! Yoga Road Trip Day 17

Waking up in the car is rough. As comfortable as the futon might be, the car is only so big and between my little son between us, the body trying not to crush him, you sleep in weird angles. This is part of what makes road tripping so much fun, the interesting ways we place our bodies, whether in driving long hours, sleeping, or doing yoga on the road.

I have a daily ashtanga practice, even on the road, as you sometimes get to see. This morning, with the rain still pouring, I decide that maybe a rest area further down the road will provide the venue for practice. We are just miles from Cincinnati, OH, and the requst for Whole Foods came up, we will stop there, maybe even see the studio I will be teaching at next month.

With the use of phone direction, quick instincts, and pure cosmic alignment, we enter Cincinnati from the Eastern portion and get to see the city transform from deserted warehouses and homes, to thriving, upscale mansions tucked in beautiful trees.

We make it to whole foods, and I proceed to spend the next 3 hours fixing my emails, which allows me to feel more relaxed, connect with the people we are staying with in NC and update what needs to be updated for the next week. I am so grateful for my VA, Alex.

In my business coaching I talk to clients about the power and ease of having VAs work for your business. It is another way of connecting to the world, building relationships, and hopefully enhancing lives.

I did make it to a rest area sometime in the afternoon, you can see in the video which state, and did my ashtanga practice in the afternoon, before we parked outside of VA, to complete the drive to the beach in the morning.


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