WHY! Yoga Road Trip Day 16

We get back on the road late. Very late, at 2:30 in the afteroon. Which is crazy when you are trying to make time, but then again, I had already called the people we are renting the house from and told them we would be a day late, so I bought myself some time to find some camp grounds, enjoy the trip.

Granted, it is 60 degrees outside and rainy. Has been that way ever since we crossed the Mississippi and it does not seem to let go. With flooding in TN, I am also having to reconsider driving through blues country. In fact, we are not going down there. We will use the Appalachian trail along the north route.

But it’s 2:30 and we just left. It’s my fault really. Or the internet’s fault. I have microsoft office suite and have shared it with others and at the end of my yoga practice, after allowing the program to update itself, my email program crashed. I could not use it at all. And I needed to send a few emails before I left. I am about to be on the road for 4 days without internet, and when I get to NC, I am going to teach, so having no email access, not knowing all my passwords and access codes, makes me aware of how dependent I am on my computer.

I prevail, and uninstall the program, after two hours manage to reinstall and work out the bugs installing a working entourgae, only now I have to reset all the emails.

I call it a day, we have lunch together as a family, a salad and some bread, and after packing the truck, we say good bye to my friend Travis, and head back on the road.

We have to take the same route we just took a few days ago to get to Iowa, along route 80, going East. This time as we cross the large M river, we can see how flooded all the areas around it are, the banks so high it looks as if the houses on the other side are actually floating.

Camping in the car, tucked among semin trucks, under a rainy storm closes our day.


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