WHY! Yoga Road Trip Day 13

Ashtanga is based on 3 primary things, where the most important thing is the breath.

Yesterday I talked about Lao Tzu, who said one of the most incredible things, granted a few centuries after the ancient Yogis discovered the same Truth. Remember, Truth is the same, it is what is, and it might have various means of expression, but in the end, what is, is, and what is not, is not, and no wishing will make it so.

Lao Tzu pointed out that from One born Two and form Two born Three, and from Three all were created.

Ashtanga in the end is an energetic practice and thus it is only about breath. Breath is the direct key to energy, and energy is the One that allows all to appear.

Breath gives birth to energetic locks within the body, the second principles of Ashtanga, being, “Bandhas.”

Where focusing internally allows the eyes to focus externally, and the third principle of Ashtanga is “drishti.”

Everything else, well, that is discovering how to move energy in moments that are challenging. In fact the practice of Ashtanga from a pysical point of view is condensed within Surya Namskar A. Everything else, that is just a show. A way of keeping the interest alive within the practitioner.

After all, Lord Rama pointed out that in order to truly rise above the chaos of the mind, one has to challenge themselves.

And believe me, it is intensely challenging keeping breath, bandhas and drishti through Sun Salutation A.


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