WHY! Yoga Road Trip Day 12

It might be cold, but Studio Z, a photography and yoga studio in Grinnell, IA, has been so hospitable and helped create a workshop within a short period of time, and with 13 people, we had an amazing time exploring the dimension of Yang and Yin expression within the practice of Asana.

I teach Yin yoga from Paul Grilley’s perspective, filled with almost 12 years of historical research into how Yoga philosophy spread from India into China and Asia, the effects that philosophical migration had in each of those regions on Health, Fitness and Spirituality. Lao Tzu put it well when he wrote: “out of one born two, and out of two born three, and out of three all other things were born.”

Yoga recognizes that there is a oneness that you can experience, and that this oneness is an expression that can be divided into two, mind-body, masculine-feminine, sun-moon, shiva-shakti, are only some of the dualities which are born out of the one.

Tomorrow I will share my the primary series of Ashtanga. In my experience, Ashtanga is often expressed as this intense Cirque de Soleil expression of what fancy things you can do with the body. Such a presentation of the practice often leaves it as unavailable for most practitioners, or worse, leaves many of them injured and dissatisfied with the practice, where in the end Ashtanga is the most accessible practice in the world.

Where most people think of Ashtanga as a transformative physical practice, which it really is, but in the words of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, “Yoga is to find God!”

“Practice, and all is coming.”

“99% practice and 1 theory.”


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