WHY! Road Trip Day 9

With tornado scare across the midplains of the US I decided that we best take the northern route which Evansville Yoga Center students showed me on the map a day before.

Havig been inspired by their route, and because it was too bizarre to try and shoot in the middle of the Hwy on the way to their hoke the night before, we drove back across the bridge and conquered our fears and shot the kentucky sign.

We headd up route 41, straight north on the indiana border. beautiful farm coutnry, hills, trees and rolling meadows of gardening.

We arrived to lake of the woods by sunset, but with clouds over head due to tornado season, rain was beginning to fall, so we sot a quick yoga sequence on the bridge before heading into Champagne, IL to stay in a hotel.

Having the need for some sweet after giving som much energy over the weekend, we stopped at an IHop for breakfast, not the macrobiotic nor raw direction, pure 20% satisfaction. It was delicious, so delicious it was utterly nourishing, though by the evening I needed some greens. We ate at a Thai restaurant. Bad mistake as the next morning revealed. Posts are written a day later after all.

I miss my Raw diet…. will have to take the rest of the week, my 80% just in Raw, even though I am with my mother. At least through the weekend.


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