WHY! Yoga Road Trip Day 8

Mother’s day, and in the words of Lao Tzu –

Life is as a Mother.

I wrote a beautiful blog about Mother’s Day for Sumits Yoga.

I taught two yoga workshops today, which became amazing exchanges between students since we only had 3 or 4 students in each class. I will post a video from both because we had some amazing laughter shared and philosophical and practice insights discussed.

Macrobiotic and Raw are having a hard time maintaining themselves o the road. Well, I should not say that, when we are on the road it is actually really easy, it is when we are in one place. With mother’s day upon us, I took my wife and son to eat at a fish restaurant, per her request. Cooked vegeies and fish are still within the staple of marcobiotic, yet it was nt the most satsfying meal, in fact made me aware of how great I have been feeling eating more conciously.

One theme that was repeating itself all weekend was the theme of ‘knowing’ and ‘believing’ – you might or might not believe that eating raw can be more enhancing for you, both physically, mentally and emotionally. You might not believe, or you might believe, but when you do 90 day raw you don’t need belief any more. You know.

When you know, there is no need for belief any more. You don’t believe in the morning sun? You know it will be rising the next day. Well 5000 years ago they seemed to have not been so sure, even though they ‘knew’ they did not believe.

We know better.

So why not go all the way? You don’t have to eat raw or macrobiotic, or eat healthy for that matter ALL the time, but an 80-20 will show you what it can do for you, and when you know, you know how to balance everything.

Because it is about YOU knowing, my health coaching helps each individual discover what they know, and how they should integrate health into their body, mind and life.

When you know, you know….simple as that.


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