Thai Yoga Road Trip Day 4

I slept so well in the car, it was gave me a shock how bright the morning had become while I was out. When I looked at my clock and saw it was 8:20, I was shocked. My internal alarms wakes me up at 7 almost daily, yet I guess I needed sleep today. Having arrived at the camp site so late, and working hard to keep my calm as I get lost on American Hwys.

Mysore under the sun is always a pleasure, gives reality the the sanskrit Suryanamaskar. Truly saluting the sun, under the sun. We went on a hike aroud the site, looking for the water features that make this scenic route so appealing. Alley Springs used to be a thriving little farm town back in its day, with the Mill being the center meeting for all the farmers who would come there to get their corm and wheat processed, which was a somewhat lengthy process. With beautiful hike trails around, there was a school trip at the time, and a few cowboys and cowgirls taking pictures, hiking with their boots and hats, it was a sight to see.

With it being Cinque de Mayo, the Mexican independance day, a stop at any Mexican restaurant today was a must, even if it braks both Raw and Macrobiotic eating expressions. 80-20 rule, and after 94 days of eating so well, it’s ok if I walk the other line for one meal and a margarita. We would make it to a small Mexican spot just inside Indiana about 50 miles from Evansville. But that was toward the end of the day.

The drive itself was very pretty, the shortest of the drives I have done up until now. With two states to shoot videos, it was an interesting decision on how to shoot in Illinois, since the state line runs in the middle of the Mississippi, so I shot the segment in one of the town, under the Illinois Hwy sign.

I will be teaching in Evansville through the weekend, and thus more yoga videos will get picked up again once we get back on the road. We have 50 days on the road, though some days are spent driving to reach workshop destinations, while some days are spent on location teaching.


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