Thai Yoga Road Trip Day 3

So, some days are camping out days, these are the days when obviously no posts can be made, so I get to play catch up on the days I am more hotel side, with dedicated internet. I can edit the videos, review my experiences, wish I could say journal writing, but I have a hard time with a journal…that’s why I blog. Even better than a journal, I can post videos and more.

We had a mission this day, get some lunch at 105degrees, and head to a camp site on the way to Evansville. I looked on line, researched some campsite by water, and discovered a secret bay, called Bay Creek in Missouri, it was on the direct HWY route (as oppose to the quick and around with the Interstates), with Evansville 12 hours away from us, it was a perfect in between stop, so after lunch, which was superb, ten times better than dinner, we started driving.

While we stopped to shoot some videos, I drove all day, and all through the night, discovering that driving without a road atlas is a bad idea. Hwy lighting is non existent, and looking for secret spots in the middle of the night is an even worse idea. At least now I know, I don’t believe, I know. When you know, belief is immaterial.

I did not know how to get to where I needed, and thanks to my best friend, Dave, at 2am I pulled into Alley Springs camp site (which is close to Bay Creek) and fell asleep.


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