Thai Yoga Road Trip – day 2

5:22am, freezing weather, 33 degrees, just out side of Albuquerque, NM. Start driving, hazy and confused after sleeping in the car. At 7:20am, somewhere in NM, in a rest area, temp at 51 degrees, I did my Ashtanga practice, followed by a few video session with the state signs, which will be posted later today.

Sitting at a Burger King in Amarllio, TX sharing insights from the road.

Yoga is like a road trip, you stand up, start breathing, and you are not quite sure where you might end up. Samadhi, remember, is a state, and you need not do Yoga to get there, simply relax, right now, breath, inhale, exhale, and you are right in Samadhi, in the moment. How long? Only you know. Yoga practice though shows you when you are not in the moment. So breathe.

Yoga on the road is meant to inspire going to class or doing your own practice right there in your home. It is as simple as closing the eyes, and follow the breath. 5, 10, maybe 20 minutes or more. I promise you, your day will be much better.

We made it to Oklahoma City in time for the setting sun. After we checked in and showered a little, we set out to 105degrees, Bibiana’s favorite raw chef’s restaurant. It is set in a brand new, contemporary shopping center, with water features around the parking sections, creating a true magic setting for all the shops, not just 105degrees.

The food on the other hand, was not as impressive. If you have followed me over the last 3 months, you have caught glimpses on dishes and creations, which, to be honest, this restaurant did not even come close to achieving. If I had to eat 90 day of 105degree food, I would not last. One day, the chef will find an investor and create her own establishment, and while she may feel that she needs proper certification, my taste buds require only greatness. Who cares what you hang on your wall. Alas, this restaurant could use a view through my blog.

Sumit, of Sumits Yoga was talking to me about a Sumits Yoga here in Oklahoma City. Now that I have driven around, even just a little, the people are super friendly, the town easy and enjoyable to drive through. I would come here and support the studio for a few months (then again, I will support any Sumits Yoga studio that establishes itself).

At least I got to cross 3 states, and create a whole collage of Yoga goodies. I’ll shoot the 105degree shopping area tomorrow, it is really spectacular.

I am so so so so so bummed….after stopping at every states sign, I lost most of the video of the really fun things I did in NM and TX. Think handstand and horse pose.

I will have to do it all again tomorrow.

Here is the video that did come out


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