Day 90 – post script

Somewhere I miscalculated on this blog, skipping a day, as yesterday was truly my last P90X day, and I stand before you at 163lbs, not as low as i had hoped (155lbs) but visibly leaner and more toned, which were nice side benefits. My thighs dropped down two inches, while my waist trimmed down a size.

Not that guys care…right?

I did have a restaurant cooked meal, and to be honest, I miss my raw sensation, the feeling in the body of just raw energy, thus as i get on the road I will continue my Raw lifestyle.

Yet, as I write this I am reminded of what I realized yesterday. When I was on a macrobiotic cleanse, eating grains, sea weed and a little cooked vegetables I was feeling just as bright, energetic and focused.

With our rice cooker in the car, it may be an 80-20 exploration.

In fact, as this P90Raw draws to a close, a new challenge begins to emerge. Macrobiotic in the Raw US Trippin – 60 days of macrobiotic and raw food, all while doing a cross country tour.

Stay tuned for pictures, recipes, and sights of yoga, raw, and macrobiotic lifetsyle.



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