Day 77 – saturday spin

No, I did not go on a bike ride, though I should. I do not own a bicycle. While in our new home, in Wimington, NC, we will have bicycles, which we are so excited about. Till then, the spin is all in our head. And that how this saturday went. Spinning in the head.

I showed up 2 minutes late to yoga, and by that point the door was locked. We made it to the culinary festival, but it was so busy and our son was sleeping, we decided to skip it rather than torment him with loud music and energy.

Ate some Raw Mediterranean dinner, well, hummus, and a Caribbean salad which was more like a fruit salad with coconut flakes, but I tried.

Stumbled through some KenpoX and found myself yet again, in a plateau of fighting with my computer. Tony, what have you created here, post 70 days is some serious mental spinning. This week was alreayd off track with the X space, and it is so easy to call it quits by this point, my body does not feel like it is changing any more, rather regressing, but my yoga is good, there has been many great successes in my life since I started, so it is less about the physical changes at this point and more about the over all lifestyle benefits that will lats the rest of my time in this body.

A challenge is truly understood when completed, so just get your tapes out and even if you stumble, remember, so long as you are trying to get to the mat, the workout every day, that is great practice.


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