Day 76 – friday blessings

There is something magical about Friday. At the end of a hard long week, friday comes along to help calm the energy. Even if you are still active and running around, Friday has a way of settling you down. I would notice this even when I was traveling on the road and had no awareness of what exact day it was. As Friday is governed by Venus, the planet of Love, it affects us, in our center, bringing us  back to calm and peace.

It has been a difficult, yet rewarding week, and I am so grateful for the energy of pursuing a challenge, as well as adapting to life as it comes. While P90X hit a fw patches, and a few days I had to modify the sequences, I am ready and powered for the weekend and in completing the final stretch, the last 24 days of this challenge.

On the food side, with new chocolate macaroos stuffed with carob chips, I am riding a nice chocolate high. I even had my thrill of raw breakfast in the form of raw pancake and fruit platter. I am not sure what was the sweet sauce that acted as the syrup, but I could barely keep any sense of mindfulness as I consumed the most incredible plate I have yet seen.

What do you think of the picture?


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