Day 75 – when is it over?

I am so tired. So much is being given to the world right now, it is so hard to take care of myself. And yet, one must heal themselves first before they help others (funny as I know the medical profession is far behind this kind of ideal which is found throughout Asia).

It is beyond fun to teach, help others be in their bodies better, do my yoga in the early AM, but my P90X…my P90X….with plyoX as the follow up to yesterday’s chest and back, I am looking at a 12:30am time, a 9am class….I guess I could do a little….talked myself into it. I’ll finish my P90X before I go to bed. Well, in just two seconds after I post this blog.

I promised some pictures of Raw delicacies which recipes will follow, raw bread, cookies, and sconces, this will butter your taste buds.


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