Day 73 – great times

I had been dreaming about doing a teaching workshop with my very good friend for a few years now. Well, today that dream has come true. And it was such a wonderful experience. Great group of people, and with our combined years of experience, level of knowledge, and simple concept philosophy, that finally I feel that I have taken my Thai training to the level of I had hoped. Now, together, we can change the world of body work for the better.

Being in Tucson for the training, I am proud to say that not only did I eat raw when we went to Chinese food, in the midst of a busy day I did P90X. Granted I modified today, CardioX, where I will pick up the regular schedule tomorrow.

Funny how as it gets to the end, life throws you more challenges. Granted these are amazing challenges, training, classes, clients, family time, these are the things that make work and life enjoyable, and what prevents so many people from being able to complete a regular 90 day program. But so long as you stay flexible, like right now, in these last 3 days for me, where I could not complete the exact excel sheet workouts. It’s like taking a break during a workout. Do your best…forget the rest…


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