Day 70 – sumit style

When it comes to Flow Yoga, mixed with Heat, Mirrors and a sense of presence yet compassion Sumits Yoga is geared to change the way students demand more from their teachers. Both in terms of inspirational approach in vocabulary, as well as a concise explanation and break down for postures. Hot Flow is probably one of the most popular forms of practice, yet for many it is hard to find that perfect balance of heat, posture sequence and care from the teacher and the studio.

Studios throughout Asia are already known for such care for their students. If you have never been, I highly recommend experiencing hot yoga in Asia. It is a wonderful experience of comfort and support.

Tony Horton treats all the workout with a similar intensity for care. It is a challenging workout, but it is expressed with humor, joy, and even now, at 10 weeks strong, I am still smiling a the comments he makes. He is constantly affirming that it is ok to pause, break and that such pausing is not interfering with transformation. Do your best, and forget the rest.

The Finest Side of Life creator treats her dishes with  a desire to satisfy the taste of the supported self within. Through her dishes she hopes you feel comforted and elated. I am super grateful to know both Tony Horton (even if only through the computer) and miss Neo.


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