Day 69 – iron style

How do you make a Raw Iron Chef show? I wonder. Ever since our new TV received cable channels, food channel has been a staple in the living room, and watching Iron Chef America makes me wonder, the food you see on this blog is as delicious, as presentable, as creative as anything on TV, yet it is healthier. Packed with enzyme goodness. There should at least be the option of macrobiotic and raw cooking shows.

Watch my words, such shows will pop up in the next five years. I just hope I can take my production skills, my co-hosting experience and put such a show on food network one day.

Till then, I get to eat at home, inspire others to new creations, and write about it here. The Raw part is a side bonus as Tony Horton takes over my computer screen and I am led through a flavor of physical interaction. Today being Kenpo, the martial arts slash boxing expression.

Thank god for taste expression and Raw brunch, today in the form of raw almond pancake with banana. Dehydrators are a wonderful creation. Make sure you have one as you dive into the Raw Chef Show.


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