Day 68 – heart burn

You know what that feels like, a rush of heat in your chest, as if your heart was feeling the microwave power of the kidneys. Many of us rush to the cabinet, grab the pack of tums and chew on two or more. While that is a fabulous relief, it does not address the cause of the fire. Which lies in the choices of foods and how quick they are being digested.

Chew, chew, and chew. Then chew some more. If you chew long and well you will hardly ever suffer from heart burn, yet, many of us will get excited after a long activity, our favorite food in front of us, and then speed combined with poor combination which causes chemicals to be releases and work in the body to cause us a feeling of burning in the chest.

Obviously, even with Raw food you can experience such an interaction, and as long as my day was, finding some raw falafels prepared, sent me into munchy heaven, and I ate fast and furiously. It was a gorging heaven.

I managed to complete my P90X legs and back before I went to bed, may have been late in the evening, but at least it is a check on my daily sheet.

Hope you like this days raw meal, it was, as usual, incredible!


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