Day 67 – free bird

Set your mind free and the rest will follow.

That is really all we do through changing our lives. We are setting the mind free.

When you eat differently you can see how much the mind has been enslaved by food. Set yourself free. Jump into a Hot Yoga class, that will really have you stepping out of your mind.

I am trying to keep a no mind free zone, but its not so easy in modern brain reality.

So, I got up, early because I am super busy, did my P90X. I toughed out through my own personal yoga practice. That was hard and fun. My yoga is so much more than Tony’s, but his yoga is so much better than what most people are teaching or doing, so i highly recommend, do his YogaX, it’ll get you where you want to go.

Back into salads today, with a fabulous mix of grens, seeds, and vegetables, topped off with a killer dressing.

Kill it today.


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